Reynella Fodder Shop – Products and Stock

We have a very large shed on both of our premises and we always try to make sure the shed is stocked as full as possible. This means lots of fresh hay, including Lucerne Hay, Oaten Hay, Wheaten Hay, Fresh Bedding Straw and Chaf – among other types.

The best thing about buying direct from a Fodder Shop such as The Reynella Fodder Shop is the fantastic discounted prices we have available to you. Because we buy in bulk and sell also in bulk you will find our prices beat almost every other supplier avenue available to the consumer. The other great benefit of going direct to a Fodder Shop is that the animal supplies are really fresh. For example If you want a healthy rabbit you will be much better off buying your rabbit food from a fodder shop as opposed to somewhere that keeps the stock on the shelves for extended periods.

We have everything you need for your horse including riding equipment, ointments and sprays, medicinal, aromatherapy and more.

As a reseller of Tuckers we have a wide range of quality items and we also stock many other brands as well.

This is a list of just some of the items we have on offer for you:

  • Milled Stock Feeds
  • Grains
  • Hay Chaff
  • Vet Supplies
  • Frozen Foods
  • Garden Fertilizer
  • Natural Animal Herbal Remedies
  • Rabbit Pellets – up to 20 kg bags